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We value our patients' experience at Center for Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Trevor Jolie
Your Lake Charles Chiropractor

"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 13 years ago and suffered with pain and chronic fatigue.  My husband had been seeing Dr. Thigpen for a while and had great success managing pain in his back.  I decided to see if I could get relief as well. I was immediately impressed with the thorough consultation and treatment recommendations by Dr. Thigpen. For years I had suffered with headaches and pain in my hips.  After just a few adjustments and an exercise plan, my headaches and hip pain are few and far between.  Now I just see Dr. Thigpen on a maintenance schedule. I would urge anyone suffering with pain, to visit the Center for Chiropractic and Rehabilitation."

M. L. Poole

"About two years ago I suffered with incredible tailbone pain.  Unexplainable pain that would keep me from sitting for more than 30 minutes, standing for any length of time, and just miserable overall.  I saw Dr. Thigpen over several visits and with the help of him and his facility I have been able to get back to enjoying life.  I can now drive long distances without having to worry about stopping and my sleep has been restored. Thank you Chiropractic Center for all that you do!"

D. Quibodeaux

"About 8 years ago I injured my back while working. The pain I experienced was like nothing I had ever felt before, it was blinding, excruciating pain. Searing, pain would strike any time I coughed, sneezed, laughed, or took a step.

I couldn't stand from a seated position without horrific pain. I couldn't walk without crying out in pain with each step. Dr. Thigpen ran some tests and determined that I had numerous herniated disks. After discussing my options, feeling I was too young for surgery, I decided to take a less invasive, therapeutic approach with Dr. Thigpen.

I faced possible permanent nerve damage, and decreased mobility. After taking Dr. Thigpen's advice and adhering closely to his orders, I began to recuperate, and I was able to return to my ;normal daily living, pain free. I didn't need surgery or medications. Dr. Thigpen is a compassionate, and caring individual, and these qualities carry into his practice. He passionately strives to help you achieve your best, whole body, healing. I can't ever thank him enough for helping to restore my back. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to return to a healthier, pain free quality of life." Melissa W. Use the web-based JavaScript cleaner to organize and beautify scripts. This document has been edited with the instant web content composer. The online instant HTML editor tools make a great resource that will help you a lot in your work. Save this link or add it to your bookmarks.

Melissa W.

"I have known Dr. Thigpen since chiropractic college. He is a very dedicated and ethical person. He is always looking to deliver his best in everything that he does. He is a perfectionist, loves his profession and loves to help people. I would highly recommend Dr. Thigpen to my family and friends."

Dr. Alex Bochm, DC